How to Move into a New Home with Ease?

There is a lot of advice about how to reduce stress during a move. However, most tips deal with the moving out part of the move – such as packing and hiring a moving company. We thought we’d share some tips about how to make the moving in part easier.

Prioritize Unpacking
There is no way that you are going to get everything unpacked in one day, or probably even in one week. Instead of giving yourself the huge task of trying to unpack everything quickly, prioritize and unpack the most important rooms and boxes first. This will be easier to do if you carefully labeled everything when packing. It is also smart to use some sort of numbering system, such as labeling the most-important boxes with a 1, and the less-important boxes with a 2 and 3.

Make a Furniture Floor Plan
Download an online app which lets you create your own floor plans. This will help you determine where your furniture is going to go in the new home so you can tell the movers where to put it. That will save you the trouble of having to lug the furniture around the various rooms trying to figure out the best arrangement.
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How to Survive Moving Back in With Your Parents?

Thanks to the poor job market and rising rental costs, it is becoming increasingly more common for millennials to move back in with their parents. Any move is stressful, but one which brings you back in with your parents could make even the toughest people crack. Here are some tips which will help you mostly survive moving back in with your parents.

Your Parents Also Got Used to Being Alone
It is hard to move back into the family home after being alone so long. But remember that your parents have also been alone for a long time now and they probably enjoyed that freedom too! Trust me, no one likes it when their roommate (which is what you will effectively be to them) does things like leave dirty clothes on the floor, or use up all the hot water when showering. Treat your parents with respect and they will be more likely to treat you with respect too.

Buy Your Own Food and Pay Your Part of the Bills
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