How to Move into a New Home with Ease?

There is a lot of advice about how to reduce stress during a move. However, most tips deal with the moving out part of the move – such as packing and hiring a moving company. We thought we’d share some tips about how to make the moving in part easier.

Prioritize Unpacking
There is no way that you are going to get everything unpacked in one day, or probably even in one week. Instead of giving yourself the huge task of trying to unpack everything quickly, prioritize and unpack the most important rooms and boxes first. This will be easier to do if you carefully labeled everything when packing. It is also smart to use some sort of numbering system, such as labeling the most-important boxes with a 1, and the less-important boxes with a 2 and 3.

Make a Furniture Floor Plan
Download an online app which lets you create your own floor plans. This will help you determine where your furniture is going to go in the new home so you can tell the movers where to put it. That will save you the trouble of having to lug the furniture around the various rooms trying to figure out the best arrangement.

Research the New Area Before You Move In
Find out where the nearest supermarket is located, what takeout options you have (you will be relying on this until the kitchen is set up!), where the hardware store is, and what nice parks or recreational spots you have nearby. Otherwise, you will be running lost around town trying to find the places you need.

Create “To Buy” Lists
There are going to be a lot of things you need to buy once moving into the new home. Some of these may include:
• Groceries
• Cleaning products
• Home repair items (nails, WD-40, spackle)
• Shower curtain
• Extension cords

You don’t want to run to the store every single time you realize you need some small item. Make it easier on yourself by creating a “to buy” list. You should create this list BEFORE you move and write down any items you know that you will need to buy right away when moving in (but don’t want to carry with you on the move). As you unpack and get situated in your new home, add to the list. This will save you a lot of trips to the store to pick up items you forgot.

Don’t Decorate Yet
It is tempting to start hanging your photos and placing sentimental items around the new home, as this will make it feel more like home. But don’t decorate just yet! You will spend a lot of time deciding where to put items, only to move them to a new spot later. Instead, focus on getting the key items in their right places (situating couches, TVs, kitchen appliances, etc.). If you really feel the urge to make it homier, then choose one family photo to put in a prominent place.

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